Well, first, the good news:

I, the author of No Such Thing As An Opinion, am a prodigy at predicting stock prices.

I run the site I Make These Trades.

Now for the bad news:

Unfortunately, as a result of multiple instances of fraud, by both a CEO and a New York Stock Exchange Specialist who illegally refused to fill my sell order, I was defrauded out of a very large sum of money.

A later investigation found no record of my sell order, meaning someone had deleted the record in order to cover it up.  In addition, there was a class action lawsuit against the CEO, and it was settled, but I'm going to recover less than 1% of what I lost.

Prior to being defrauded, I had been extremely successful trading stocks for a living, from home.  In fact, my actual brokerage records are posted online at my site!

Due to being defrauded, I no longer have enough capital to be able to trade for a living.

It's a very sad situation.  It's bad enough that so many instances of fraud occurred to one person (and there are others I haven't even mentioned).  It's even worse considering that it happened to someone like myself, someone who, with enough capital, has enough ability to make large amounts of money in a very fulfilling occupation (I don't find actual trading to be stressful, since I have a high win percentage). 

Not to mention that I try pretty damn hard to treat people well in life, even after some of the hardship I've been through.  I still try to be selfless and assist others.

I hope that one day I'll have the option of returning to stock trading.

My amazing, verifiable, actual trading record (sample win - loss is 220 - 53 with 300.95% gain in three months) is documented by my actual brokerage documents, which have been scanned in and appear on my site.

As mentioned, although I'm no longer able to trade with capital, I still make real-time predictions, live on Twitter!  I allow anyone to follow my predictions on Twitter, for free!

My 2011 predictive win - loss record is 193 - 46 with a 184.04% non-compounded profit!

Photos of my real-time, second by second Twitter predictions are posted as verification of my predictive ability.

Further verification is provided by photos of second by second, real-time streaming quotes.

Here's an example of one trading day's verification photos.  The full directory of results and verification is here.

Check out the site, you might learn a little! 

Or, if you're interested and in the position to be able to donate, you can donate!  Simply click the "Donate" button on the right side of this page.  I'm hoping to eventually raise about $40,000, enough capital to be able to again make a living by applying my ability.

But this time I'll avoid any short term investments at all (the CEO fraud occurred when I invested money as a short term investment).  That way, the risk of being defrauded is reduced to near zero. 

I'll stick to just day trading, in and out :)

I Make These Trades!


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