Fox News has just released poll results:

"All in all, 49 percent of voters approve of President Obama’s job performance and 47 percent disapprove. Last month, 49 percent approved and 44 percent disapproved."

Wow. No, let me try again. Wooooooooooow.

More Americans approve of Obama's job performance than disapprove?

More Americans approve of Obama's job performance than disapprove!

How could any American, perhaps outside of his family and friends, approve of his performance?  He's a complete disgrace!

This isn't just my's fact! It's the only logical conclusion, and is based on overwhelming evidence!

Looking at scandals alone, how could any reasonable person approve of Obama?

If you go to, there is credible, disturbing news being published about Obama every single day!


There've been so many scandals he's been involved in, so many lies he's been caught making, that I've forgotten many of them in an attempt to stop my brain from exploding!

My article outlined many Obama scandals that occurred prior to his election. Here are just a few of them:

1) Canadian officials claimed Obama's team privately told them that Obama didn't mean it when he claimed to be against NAFTA.

2) Obama was caught in a lie, and his team actually admitted the lie, regarding the reasons for his disturbing 2001 vote against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.

3) Obama broke his word by suddenly saying he would no longer accept public financing of his campaign.

4) Obama broke his word by decideding to grant immunity to telecom companies.

5) Obama, several times, radically changed his timetable regarding withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

6) Obama refused to wear an American flag lapel pin.

7) Obama was the only politician on stage who refused to place his hand over his heart while the National Anthem was sung.

8) Obama refused to strongly denounce and distance himself from unrepentant terrorist Bill Ayers.

9) Obama dubiously claimed that he wasn't in church any of the many times Reverend Wright was caught on tape spewing anti-American venom.

10) Obama's wife Michelle said:

"'For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country."

Given the long list of pre-election scandals, and given that Obama's popularity at that time was even greater than today's 49% rating, his pre-election popularity could be considered an even greater indictment of the psyche of some Americans than their current approval of him!

Consider that his approval ratings were even higher at that time, and then ask yourself this:

When someone becomes aware of his refusal to wear an American flag pin, what would make that person think to himself: "Oh, I think i'll vote for that un-American guy!"

When someone becomes aware that Bill Ayers was involved in bombing a police station and the Pentagon, when they become aware that Obama knew Ayers at least fairly well, and when they become aware that Obama, instead of strongly denouncing Ayers' actions, instead downplays knowing Ayers and weakly claims that Ayers was just a guy in the neighborhood, what would make that person then think to himself: "Oh, I think i'll vote for that guy, a guy who doesn't find it important enough to condemn a bomber of a police station, a guy who was caught downplaying his relationship with a terrorist!  That guy sounds like he would be a great president!"

And so on, and so on.


It didn't take long for more scandals and lies to come to the forefront.

Several of Obama's nominees for crucial Cabinet level positions were forced to resign before they even took power!

Why?  Disturbing allegations and/or evidence came forward:

Bill Richardson was rumored to be under investigation by the FBI regarding bribery.  Tom Daschle also stepped down.  If I remember correctly, he had tax issues?  Another nominee, one who actually didn't resign, was Tim Geithner, even though he actually admitted not paying his taxes!  And there were at least one or two other nominees that were forced to resign.

Boy, I tell ya, I can just see how the majority of Americans approved of Obama, can't you?

Or was it the case that people who voted for Obama didn't follow the news?  Was that it?  McCain backers read the news, Obama backers don't? (Maybe they bury their head in the sand and say "BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH" over and over and refuse to acknowledge reality)?

And don't forget all the other post election scandals and lies surrounding Obama! Here are a few:

1) The early term scandal involving his Chief of Staff.  I believe it had something to do with housing?  I'm too depressed to even look it up!

2) Obama submitted the multi billion dollar economic stimulus legislation...but he went against his promise of transparency, and refused to remove earmarks from it!

3) Obama attacked Libya without Congressional approval, going against his own word.  He may have broken the War Powers Act as well!

4) One of the czars Obama hired, Van Jones, stepped down after it was exposed that Obama had hired an admitted communist.

5) After the 2010 midterm election's shift in power, Obama threatened to become a dictator, threatening to use Executive Orders to avoid democracy and write the rules himself.

6) Obama refused to be transparent and release the names of visitors to the White House.

7) Obama reported his own country (actually, a state in the country, Arizona) to the UN Human Rights Council, after Arizona attempted to step up efforts to enforce immigration laws!

There have been so many other scandals surrounding Obama...but I don't need to list them all in order to make my point.  I haven't even gotten into the irrationality of Obama's economic, fiscal and social policies...but that's another article! Or perhaps a book!


How is it that 49% of Americans approve of Obama's performance?  Are these 49% of Americans part of the 50% of Americans that score below average on IQ tests?  Isn't it true that even a dim person should be intelligent enough to realize that Obama is disturbing?

In light of everything Obama has done, I can think of several explanations for the disturbing approval by those 49% of Americans:

1) They are either extremely unintelligent, or

2) They almost never read the newspaper, or

3) They almost never watch the news on television, or

4) They almost never speak to friends, family or coworkers about politics, or

5) They haven't read any of the many bestsellers exposing Obama, or

6) They simply like the idea of approving of Obama, or

7) They find it difficult to believe that a mild mannered, excellent speaker could be so corrupt, so they act illogically and choose to approve of him, or

8) They voted for him and have trouble admitting to themself they now disapprove of him, or

9) They believe that Obama's policies have benefitted them in the short term, regardless of how his policies will affect them long term, and regardless of how his policies affect the entire country inboth the short term and the long term.

10) They actually don't approve of Obama, but are so afraid of Obama's corrupt reputation that they claim to approve, for fear of retribution, or

11) They are evil.

Maybe citizens should be required to attend monthly educational classes, classes that summarize the month's political news.  That would require enough space to accommodate many citizens; if there are early space limitations, perhaps the priority should be to give the educational spots to those who need them most, Obama backers!

I'm serious about this.  Wouldn't that really help?

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