Let me introduce a new section of my site:  Logic's 'Liars'!

The section lists the names of well known people and experts whom I consider myself to have outsmarted!

As another one bites the dust, the list will be updated, and a link to the corresponding article of mine will be added.

The term Logic's 'Liars' isn't at all meant to imply that any of the people on the list are a liar.  The term is simply a play on my claim that some of the person's arguments were illogical and/or weren't optimal.

The list was created with the intention of summarizing my articles in an interesting manner.

My intent is simply to suggest that the persons on the list have provided an argument that is illogical and/or not optimal.  The list provides the link to my corresponding commentary.  Readers can judge for themselves as to whether they feel I have indeed outsmarted the person on the list.

Inclusion on the list doesn't mean that I dislike that person, and inclusion on the list certainly doesn't mean that the person is any of the following:

Intentionally misleading
Intentionally incorrect
Negative, mean or evil
Illogical about most arguments he/she makes

Irrational about most arguments he/she makes

In fact, many people on the list are very intelligent.  Their level of intelligence is likely a factor that helped them become an expert or become well known in the first place!

One of the aims of my site is to demonstrate my belief that very intelligent people, including geniuses, while intelligent, are often not intelligent enough to be able to provide the best solutions for society!

Let's get this list started!  Drum roll please...

12 - Sandra Day O'Connor, Supreme Court Justice.

11 - Fareed Zakaria, bestselling author of Post-American World.

10 - Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Company.

  9 - Tim Wise, "anti-racist essayist, author and educator."

  8 - Casey Anthony's defense lawyer.

  7 - Jeffrey Miron, senior lecturer in economics at Harvard University and a senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

  6 - Varied (unnamed) market geniuses.

  5 - California judges.

  4 - Piper Hoffman, an employment lawyer and writer.

  3 -Clarky Davis, a writer and "debt management expert and spokesperson for CareOne Debt Relief Services."

  2 - Barack Obama.  I've written numerous articles about Obama. 

  1 - Michelle Obama.

Oh ya...just in case you are wondering, I am not politically biased.  I've exposed both liberals and conservatives!

The new section will appear on the banner across the top of the page.

Keep your eye out for new additions!

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