So, I was watching Criminal Minds...and I wondered: If women were physically stronger than men, would we see more cases of assault of men by women?
Not Unique Name
11/1/2010 07:35:29 am

I'm not so sure. You don't have to be stronger than your victim. It's quite simple to grab a tool or weapon and attack your victim, and unless I'm really wrong, that constitutes assault, as long as you don't kill the victim.

11/2/2010 01:38:30 pm

Not Unique,

you don't have to be stronger than your victim to assault them, but it increases the chance that you will be successful (and hence the chance that such a person would assault someone).

11/11/2010 03:28:16 pm

Are you asking for an opinion??

Your question is highly speculative.

Reader 81
11/11/2010 03:28:43 pm

some women are stronger than some men, means nothing


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