Who would have thought that an American presidential candidate would:

Publically refuse to wear an American flag lapel pin

Publically refuse to place his hand over his chest while the Pledge of Allegiance was played

Be linked to a terrorist who 1) ran a group that caused explosions in a police station and the Pentagon
2)was banned from entering Canada after the election

Claim that he didn't know the terrorist, when he actually did

(After it was exposed that he knew the terrorist) Not criticize the actions of the terrorist in an attempt to disassociate himself from him; instead, claim that he was only a child when the terrorist's group committed the bombings.

Attend a church led by a radical preacher caught on tape, and claim that he wasn't at church the days that the rants occured

Have a wife who publically stated that the candidate's primary victory was the first time in her life that she was proud of her country

Refuse to provide his birth certificate

Pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to block discovery, which would result in a legal obligation to provide his birth certificate

Refuse to provide evidence of his citizenship

Sign an executive order on the first day of work banning the release of his life history: kindergarten records, Punahou school records, Occidental college records, Columbia University records, Columbia thesis, Harvard Law School records, Harvard Law Review articles, his passport (if any), medical records.

Be ranked as the most liberal of all 100 senators

Who would have thought that said candidate would win the Democratic Party presidential nomination?

Who would have thought that said candidate would garner more than 5% of the popular vote in the presidential election?

Who would have thought that said candidate would actually win the election?

Who would have thunk it?
10/16/2010 09:44:57 pm

The list above is not the worst of it. He has put America down to all foreign nations. He has alienated Israel and England from total friendship. He insulted England by giving back the statue of Churchill. He insulted Israel by leaving the president alone in the white house while he went about another piece of business. He will not cover the borders and has gone after the governor for trying to do so on her own. He will not say that muslims are our enemy in war. Obama and his wife are double standard, I have never seen our government so discombuberated. The unions have cost this country dearly yet, he gave them the highest percentage of the investment in GM ignoring the public investors. Obama wants to disburse our economy to make it more even yet, he and his wife give nothing to anyone including his 1/2 brother and aunt They lavish themselves in parties, rich dining and vacations and tell us we have to tighten our belts. Obama is not a president Of the people, for the people or, by the people. His bribes and backroom deals ought to be enough to impeach him. Send them both back to Kena.

10/17/2010 07:08:02 am

You're very correct about how disturbing the situation is.

But perhaps most disturbing is that most of the items on the list occurred before the election, giving people plenty of warning, yet they still elected him. However, this phenomenon is not limited to Americans of the current age. Germans elected Hitler after his views were already public as a result of his book Mein Kamf (although the communist vote was apparently suppressed during his election, Hitler's party won by such a huge margin that it may not have mattered anyway).

Unfortunately, people often don't bother to educate themselves enough, or aren't intelligent or rational enough, to vote wisely. I know several otherwise intelligent people who actually like Obama, although they aren't all familiar with his disturbing actions, and perhaps they don't want to know. Cognitive dissonance can be a bitch. Make no mistake about it though, the media was certainly part of the problem; they either refused to cover many scandals or didn't emphasize their seriousness. A casual observer might reasonably think Obama wasn't too bad; after all, the media didn't seem to make much of the issues, right? Myself, I was shocked to find out that the media didn’t at all report that Obama illegally refused to reply to the birth certificate lawsuit prior to the election. Such an action puts one at risk of default automatically, and is very serious!

But a reasonably intelligent person, even based on the limited amount of reporting, should have had serious doubts about Obama's lack of patriotism, his association with a terrorist, and his disdane for the truth (as evidenced by his reversal of positions on several issues as soon as his opponent changed from Hillary to McCain). So, there were still plenty of red flags.

Also disturbing is the fact that although large majorities of people now disagree with his policies, only a small majority of about 50-55% say they dislike him personally. They seem to hate his policies but not dislike him as much.

That's disturbing because it suggests some people think he's a good person yet has poor policies, suggesting he's clueless.

I find it hard to believe that anyone that seems so intelligent could be simply clueless. The only explanations I can think of are that either he is irrational or likely to be purposely attempting to damage the USA.

Robert Swisher
10/18/2010 05:16:00 pm

Obama should be impeached now before he makes another law with a stroke of his pen against the good American people. His lies,his anti-patriotism,his anti-christian agenda against Americans should be enough to throw his skinny black/white ass in prison for treason against America. He now has Intel to all of America's secrets and will give them to the highest bidder. I say kill him while he is in prison and keep him seggrated amongest other prisoners so he can't pass secrets to another Muslim's.

10/19/2010 05:03:58 am

I still find it so very hard to believe that nothing HAS BEEN DONE about this man. I am SOO ASHAMED OF THE PEOPLE of America that voted for him, and am sickened by the Media and the people that Helped him CON America. I feel that each on invovled in this should be imprisoned and fined. If this piece of crap is NOT STOPPED and soon there will be NO AMERICA as we know it on this date in history.It is time for the people we elected to stand up for the american people and do what should have been done over 2 1/2 years ago, THIS MUST STOP AND NOW

10/19/2010 10:56:16 am

Interesting. I had been thinking of the policy-based damage he's been doing to the USA, I hadn't even thought about the possibility that he could pass on state secrets to foreign countries. Given his fawning actions towards foreign leaders, it's certainly plausible that he would do something like that. That is very concerning!

10/20/2010 01:24:21 am

I am in favor of impeachment, but not until after his first term has expired. If he is removed while still serving out his term we end up with Biden or Pelosi as POTUS unless they are also impeached. Any Democrat will rubber stamp healtcare and all of the other bills he signed into law, not to mention his Supreme Court appointees.
That is also the problem with removing him for his lack of constitutional eligibility before his term expires.

The good news is that I believe he is destined to be a 1-term president and it could be for any of the following three reasons: 1) enough states will refuse to put him on ballot in 2012 unless he in fact PROVES he meets the eligibilty requirements as set forth in the Constitution 2) the Democrats will figure out he can't win and will actually put someone else up and/or he will say "I've done what I've set out to do so I'm not going to run again" rather than face the humiliatin of defeat or 3) he will be impeached before his first term expires

10/21/2010 05:32:41 pm

If Obama is actually removed from office due to the belief that he wasn't even eligible to run in the first place, I would think that you could argue that Hilary or McCain should be the rightful president. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Linda N
10/22/2010 01:06:01 pm

I wouldn't surprised if he is behind our military secrets made public by wikipedia. We just prove what stupid and gullible people we have in the USA.

Felice Keck
10/24/2010 04:13:31 am

What a lot of drivel. Can people who spread this kind of hate and misinformation really be Americans who love and care for this country?

None of your business
10/24/2010 05:51:56 pm

Tell me,oh highly intelligent rational conservative. What did you think of the Bush/Cheney "administration"? Did you find their actions, distortions, lies, abuses, torture, financially irresponsible policies and tactics the least little bit offensive and ?

10/24/2010 06:01:00 pm

Bush was very financially irresponsible, although in his defense US companies were extremely profitable during most of his administration.

What I dislike about the Bush administration is the fact that they didn't want a 9/11 inquiry and wouldn't release the details of the Cheney meeting with oil execs. I also didn't like that Bush put a moratorium on new stem cell research in 2001, and I disliked who he appointed as SEC commissioner.

I didn't have a problem with initiation of the Iraq war, because it was reasonable to believe that Iraq had WMD (although not as clear that Iraq would use them).

I don't consider waterboarding to be over the top. If the benefits could be saving thousands of lives, then it can only be worth it.

10/24/2010 06:02:40 pm


why would you call my post misinformation? That's bizarre, considering that I could easily find links from mainstream media to support my assertions, which were well documented (although not highly enough publicized) at the time.

James Turner
10/26/2010 05:40:02 pm


why would you call my post misinformation? That's bizarre, considering that I could easily find links from mainstream media to support my assertions, which were well documented (although not highly enough publicized) at the time."


Do it...

You say you can easily find links from the mainstream media to support your assertions.
AND that they are well documented.

That is what you said... so DO IT!

I want to see you back up all you what you said.


10/26/2010 07:05:49 pm

None of this is true! Taking the first example, Obama did not publically (or privately, as far as we know) refuse to wear an American flag pin. HE FUCKING WORE ONE! LOOK AT PICTURES! Most importantly, wearing a pin does not make someone better, or more American, and to imply this (lie) means in any way someone is unfit to be president shows you are a total pinhead. Are you wearing one right now?

Yes, provide links, other than from Faux news and Drudge Report- from real news sources.

10/26/2010 07:22:57 pm

Me again. I checked snopes.com, which verified that the source of info about the lapel pin and the Pledge was a hoax mass email-www.snopes.com/politics/obama/stance.asp.
Info derived from crank emails is not 'fact', it is fiction. But pinheads don't care what is fact.

10/26/2010 07:36:25 pm


it seems you are the one who didn't do enough checking, and apparently doesn't care about fact.

Here is a picture of him without a pin and HIS ADMISSION that he didn't want to wear the pin:


Should I verify the other items on the list for you, too?

10/26/2010 07:40:39 pm


pointing out that list of Obama's actions hardly makes me a hater. What a bizarre thing to say. However, do i dislike someone who shows such hostility to their own country? Of course!

I've just posted a link to one verification for you. I don't need to post the others, because I have an amazing memory and wouldn't make a claim unless I was pretty sure.

Most people that want verification will look for evidence, and wouldn't assume there isn't the evidence, as you seem to do.

You go ahead and verify it if you'd like...after all, you're the one that would need to do so in order to imply that I'm a hater with no basis for my claims, right?

Jennifer McCulloch
10/28/2010 03:15:49 am

The list above is all true. He needs to be on trial and deported after his guilty verdict. Get him out of the presidency before he does anymore damage. And about the American flag lapel pin..he was interviewed about that and he said he didn't see any reason why he should wear it. He was pressured into wearing it, and he refused to put his hand over his heart for the Pledge Of Allegience because he is muslim, pretending to be Christian. Also Obama has said that he is the Messiah, and King. So out of his own lieing mouth those words came. He's not American, look how he changed the logo on the white house airplane.

10/28/2010 04:12:18 am


I actually wasn't aware of the airplane logo. What happened?

I started to stop following Obama news after awhile because it was so disturbing to see new scandals literally every 3-4 days on sites like www.exposeobama.com

10/29/2010 10:39:40 am

What's really sad it that a lot of this came out before the election and people still voted for him. Not enough people did their homework on this guy and look what we got stuck with.....sad, very sad...

10/30/2010 01:35:11 am

Clueless? Isn't G.W. the one? How did G.W. manage to graduate from Yale is a factual question?

10/30/2010 12:10:32 pm

Who would have thought you think yourself so smart and can't even spell "publicly"?

And then you bang a drum about flag pins, secondary links to an ex-terrorist through volunteer work in his community, his refusal to be baited with the birth certificate thing?

You're a conservative. We get it. But these are all the classic Republican straw men attacks, carried out long past when the arguments were shot down purely because the specious arguments had traction.

If you want to be taken seriously, and it seems you do, engage in serious discourse. There are solid conservative arguments out there. But throwing up a wall of pure BS because you want to keep your opposition on their heels isn't serious. It's sinister.

10/30/2010 12:36:12 pm


how sad that you don't know it can be spelled as "publically":


The problem in the USA is illogical voters, like YOU.

The flag pin issue is clear: the link shows that he refused to wear it, and admitted it.

As for the terrorist, their link was not exposed as being only through volunteer work, they both served on a board that doled out grants.

And the fact that Obama lied and denied knowing him at first is obvious he had something to hide, as is the fact that he didn't (immediately at least) denounce him, he instead said that he was a child when the terrorist was involved with terrorism.

And why would you consider Obama as being baited if he provided his birth certificate? Actually, he would end all of the troubles by simply providing his birth certificate (if he's indeed natural born).

He's spent at least 1.4M (publically available records...and yes, that's "publically", for those who aren't great with spelling) on the law firm that is defending him in dozens of lawsuits regarding the birth certificate.

And why would you consider me a conservative? I espouse both liberal and conservative views, as my site demonstrates. I am a logical person, I use logic only. It just so happens that far more conservative views are logical than liberal views.

And as far as I know, none of my arguments have been shot down.

It appears that you are the sinister one here, dear reader.

11/1/2010 09:05:41 am

"Publically refuse to place his hand over his chest while the Pledge of Allegiance was played"

First of all about this nonsense, the Pledge of Allegiance is usually SPOKEN, not PLAYED. President Obama has NEVER REFUSED to put his hand over his chest for the Pledge of Allegiance. Sure looks like you got suckered by phony videos.

So much for an entertainment website being a reliable source to measure intelligence.

11/2/2010 01:48:33 pm


here's a picture of Obama refusing to place his hand over his chest:


11/2/2010 02:06:05 pm

If you were the logical, fact-checking person you pretend to be, you'd research this picture and find out that the occassion was the playing of the National Anthem.

"Can YOU outsmart me?". Done. Expect you'll drop that nonsense now.

11/2/2010 02:28:23 pm

Only Facts,

watch the video:


he's the only one without his hand over his chest.

And yes, it's the Anthem, not the Pledge. I assumed that it was the Pledge, given the headlines on many articles.

Is that a critical flaw of mine? Of course not. Because I didn't rely on the headline, I relied on the picture that showed he was the only one without his hand on his chest, which obviously meant that something patriotic was being played.

And the link clearly says that:

"Some people think the right hand only needs to be over our hearts while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. But the U.S. Flag Code 3:171 & 3:172, says it's supposed to be done during both the Pledge and the National Anthem. It says American citizens are supposed to face the flag with hand over heart unless they are in military uniform. So at the very least, the video does make it appear that Obama showed disrespect for his Fellow Americans who believe this should be done, and for the U.S. Flag Code, which a senator should know."

However, even if the flag code didn't suggest that the hand should be over the chest during the Anthem, the fact that the others knew enough to do this and Obama didn't is obviously cause for concern.

Try again. I just hope that you actually BELIEVE what you write (as sad as that is) rather than the alternative, which is that you don't believe it and are purposely illogical and troublesome. If that's the case, society indeed faces trouble with individuals like you.

11/2/2010 02:42:39 pm

"I assumed that it was the Pledge, given the headlines on many articles.
Is that a critical flaw of mine?"

You were WRONG. "Can YOU outsmart me?" Obviously.

What is much worse is the fantasy that one of the truly smartest people in the world would blindly accept the nonsense that a major political party would nominate a candidate that refused to take the Pledge of Allegiance. So much for being logical and checking FACTS.

11/2/2010 02:55:45 pm

I didn't blindly accept it, most of the articles that mentioned it claimed it was the Pledge.

There was no need for me to clarify further to determine which patriotic song it was, because it was obvious that it was A patriotic song and that he wouldn't place his hand on his chest.

So go ahead, let's see you explain away the picture...do you live in the same world everyone else does? Can you see his hands by his side?

11/2/2010 02:58:19 pm

OnlyFacts, (ahem, hard to write that without chuckling),

in case you don't understand, the point of my article wasn't that he refused to place his hand over his chest while the Pledge played, it was that he refused to do that while a patriotic song played.

Do you not understand that the point is the same regardless of whether the anthem or the pledge was being sung?

11/2/2010 03:11:04 pm

"it was obvious that it was A patriotic song"

If it was so "obviously a patriotic song" why did you WRONGLY identify it as the Pledge of Allegiance? Shouldn't one of the world's self-proclaimed geniuses know the difference?

Look. It's obvious that you are an intelligent, well-intentioned, rightwing-leaning person who did very well on an online game and then falsely extrapolated it to make an unjustified claim. The validity of the organization that ran the game is indicated by doing a Google on "facebook iq test scam". A RELIABLE judge of intelligence is MENSA and they refuse to accept results from online tests. As even you admitted "So, is the test a complete test of intelligence? No." so why not cut out the embarassing ego trip and be honest? Go ahead with your biased opinions, but skip the nonsense about being one of the world's smartest people. Just looking at this page alone shows how foolish that claim is.

11/2/2010 03:17:28 pm

"If it was so 'obviously a patriotic song' why did you WRONGLY identify it as the Pledge of Allegiance? Shouldn't one of the world's self-proclaimed geniuses know the difference?"

There is no possible way to hear sound by looking at a picture.

The reason I wrongly identified it is because every article I looked at identified it as the Pledge.

Do you suggest that if many articles says that the USA bombs Iraq, I should look for the one article out of many that says otherwise? Of course not.

Why did I identify it as a patriotic song? Well, how many songs do you know that, when played, have the effect of someone putting their hand over their chest?

You have yet to refute one single claim of mine. I've refuted every single claim of yours. Keep trying again.

Why don't you actually answer the questions of mine?

Actually, MENSA doesn't accept the results of one test that's considered to be perhaps the best measurement of "g" in the world.

11/2/2010 03:18:30 pm

If you refuse to answer the questions I've posed over my several posts, I will ban you from the discussion, since it's obvious you are a troublemaker.

11/2/2010 03:20:06 pm

11/2/2010 03:25:39 pm

Troublemaker? I told the truth about you being wrong so you want to ban me.

Obama had his hands at his side for the National Anthem. Even though the official code calls for placing your hand on your heart for the Anthem, MANY SCHOOLS in this country taught that you stood at attention for the Anthem and put your hand on your heart for the Pledge "because you pledge with all your heart". That's a FACT. Now you know.

11/2/2010 03:36:47 pm

I was not wrong that he refused to place his hand on his chest while a patriotic song played. That was the point of the article.

First of all, Obama wasn't raised in American schools, he was raised in Indonesia (at least partly).

Secondly, why would it matter if Obama was told at school to place his hands at his side?

As a politician that had been a member of government for many years, do you not think he would've noticed by then that other politicians placed their hand on their chest during the anthem, do you not think he would've thought it would be the smart thing to do while being under scrutiny while running for president, ESPECIALLY with the public concerns about the legitimacy of his citizenship etc? It should be a no brainer.

11/11/2010 03:49:36 pm

Why is this a discussion? I know so many people who are down right "better" Americans than us... (joke) who don't put their hand over their heart during the national anthem. Go to a ball game and people talk and drink beer right through the entire song. Some people forget the words. The entire video shows him placing his hand over his heart during the Pledge, but not during the Anthem. So if he were anti-American or super Muslim or whatever the claim is... wouldn't he refuse to do both?? I'm just a simple girl living in a world full of crazies (both sides included) and when did wearing a lapel pin make you an American?? I've never worn one in my life... the men in my family who've gone to war and come back crazy don't wear them either. So Obama didn't follow the rest of the political crowd down the road to the lapel pin shop... So what? Again, why is this a discussion? Lastly, isn't Obama's mama an American? Who the hell cares if he didn't provide a birth certificate. Ever heard of Jus Sanguinis (Right of Blood)

The first way that a person can obtain American citizenship is jus sanguinis, or right of blood. This method of gaining American citizenship is an automatic method that bases a person’s right to American citizenship on their parents’ citizenship. A child is given American citizenship automatically if at least one of their parents is a legal U.S. citizen at the time of their birth. This is true even if the child is born outside of the U.S. or its territories.

I just get lost sometimes. I'm not proclaiming to be smart, a conservative, a liberal or other. I'm just claiming to be someone who shakes their head at the things I see unless someone can explain to me what's really going on. Thanks for your time.

11/11/2010 03:49:58 pm


thanks for the respectful tone.

I agree that someone refusing to place their hand over their chest is NOT likely a bad American.

But when that person is the Presidential nominee, and should know better, it's different. More on this below.

You write:

"So if he were anti-American or super Muslim or whatever the claim is... wouldn't he refuse to do both??"

I wouldn't think he would always refuse it. I think that someone who wanted to become President couldn't achieve that by making it so blatant all the time. But someone that wanted to make a point would do it just often enough (ie the flag lapel, the hand on the chest etc) to make his point (and perhaps garner some votes from disenfranchised Americans).

"I'm just a simple girl living in a world full of crazies (both sides included) and when did wearing a lapel pin make you an American?? I've never worn one in my life... the men in my family who've gone to war and come back crazy don't wear them either."

Again, politicians running for office are held to higher standards. When you see all the other politicians wearing a lapel, and then you see one that doesn't, and that politician is intelligent, he is probably trying to make a point. I see politicians on TV all the time, and they often, if not always, seem to be wearing a lapel.

Given the public concerns about Obama's place of birth, he should've been going out of his way to ensure he wouldn't do stupid things like not wear the lapel.

About the citizenship thing. A natural born citizen, although it's not defined in the Constitution, is someone born in the USA. Otherwise, they would've just said the President had to be a citizen.

Another debate is usually centred around whether someone born in the USA to one or both foreign parents should even be considered an American! Other writings from around the time of the Constitution apparently support the idea that even someone born in the USA is not natural born unless BOTH parents are Americans.

One may disagree as to who they want to be eligible to be President, but the only criteria for who actually IS eligible is the interpretation of INTENT of the actual law when it was written.

So, even if Obama could prove he was born in the USA, he still has a problem in that his father was not an American.

What you refer to is citizenship. Not natural born citizenship, which the constitution requires.

Tidbit: Remember when Obama was sworn in, and the Justice read the wrong oath (he claims he re-read it in private)? Some people believe this was done purposely so that the Justice (and Obama) could later claim that they never broke the law by swearing in a foreigner as President, since apparently there isn't actual proof that the legal oath was spoken!

11/11/2010 03:50:26 pm

A character like Forest Gump could outsmart you. It's shameful that you choose to further perpetuate lies regarding President Obama's citizenship and question his "Americanism" because he chose not to wear a flag pin on his lapel. Really? And the whole conspiracy theory about the oath of office was disputed within 24 hours of the oath. It was shown on the news. I watched it because I was mortified that he botched it. Do I like how his presidency has transpired in the last 2 years? No, but at least he acknowledged his mistakes on 60 minutes. Bush's recent interview with Matt Lauer further cemented his legacy as a president who was a disgraceful, untruthful, and corrupt idiot. You say you have proof because you read in the mainstream media? I'm sorry Mr. Smartypants, but an article in the paper doesn't constitute evidence. BTW, there are such things as opinions and your whole post was nothing but opinion, disguised as fact.

11/11/2010 03:54:28 pm


you can't pick and choose which evidence you decide to accept.

If you decide not to accept the video evidence as well as the article about Obama, then you'd also have to choose not to accept the 60 Minutes interview that you refer to.

You can't have it both ways. Radicals like yourself are simply troublemakers that change the rules of the games until you can be perceived to have won, but I'm way too smart for you.

1/4/2011 05:29:03 pm

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1/21/2011 03:57:21 pm

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2/3/2011 10:32:45 pm

I know I'm very late in finding this article & discussion, but just so the people here know (if they didn't already)... SNOPES is not a valid "fact checker". I found out just yesterday that it is heavily funded by Soros. Example, SNOPES reported the claims about Kagan not allowing eligibility cases to reach the SCOTUS was a hoax, rumor, otherwise simply false. That has been found to be inaccurate, if not an outright lie. Go to the SCOTUS website and you can find them yourself by simply doing a search for Obama Kagan.

2/6/2011 12:53:29 pm

Amos, I appreciate that comment. When reviewing claims, people should be judging the merits based on the soundness of the logic, when possible. They should be careful to cite claims made by others simply because they BELIEVE them to be credible sources. It's not that difficult to judge claims based on the merits, or to do a bit of research yourself. NEVER let others do the thinking for you!

2/21/2011 12:58:33 am

Who indeed would ever have thunk someone who knew they were ineligible to serve as POTUS, who has had an anti-America and anti-white chip on his shoulder since his high-school days, who has sought out and associated with the most prominent radical Communists, Marxists and Socialists in America since his college days and who emphatically proclaimed "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States" would acually get elected POTUS.

2/25/2011 01:13:35 pm

As a South African, I admire the USA and what America stands for.
What I can't understand is: "What is America on about?"
Any president worth his salt would immediately meet the inquiries of the citizens he represents and immediately
put to rest the fanfare his Birth certiicate is creating, by immediately producing the correct Birth cerificate required. Unless of course this certificate would be his downfall.

2/25/2011 01:26:33 pm

Readers please note.... I have used the term "Immediately" three times, because the lack of response from the President requires immediate attention. Failure on his part to do this is definitely questionable. This would then give the courts reason for demanding that the Birth certificate be released for investigation.
The furore this has created is well below the American standard and it is up to Obama to settle it NOW, once and
for all.

2/26/2011 05:10:17 am


well said. It's a disgrace, disgusting that Obama refuses to provide evidence of his citizenship. It's even more disgraceful that the media gave him a bye on it, and disgraceful that many people (mostly liberals, but some conservatives) don't seem to think his citizenship is important.

It's a very sad sign of the state of affairs in the USA-the media is corrupt and mostly liberal, and the liberal population has so much hatred to conservatives that they throw away logic and support Obama regardless.

For those that think US citizenship is important or has had an effect:

Tell that to the millions of people who may not have donated to his campaign had they known his true citizenship.

Tell that to Hilary Clinton and John McCain, who lost the presidency b/c of Obama's actions.

Tell that to Hilary Clinton, who went into millions in campaign debt only to lose against an ineligible contender.

His citizenship most surely DOES matter, even if you think the constitution isn't important.

3/4/2011 02:51:13 pm

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