Look what I've found regarding the order of Obama's certificate number!  This seems strange!

Today, the White House released an image of what they claim is the original, long-form version of Obama's Certificate of Live Birth:

The date of birth is August 4, 1961, and the certificate # is 61 10641. That suggests to me that perhaps his birth was the 10,641st birth in Hawaii that year.

Regardless of how many births there were in Hawaii up until that point, wouldn't you expect that Hawaii would number certificates in sequence, chronologically?  Sounds reasonable, right?

And wouldn't you especially assume this to be the case during an era of no (or few) computers?  No computers would mean you'd want documents to have markers that would make them easier to locate among thousands of similar documents? Right?  And what marker would be easiest to locate and notice other than the certificate # printed in large type in the top right corner of the document. Right?

So, it would seem reasonable to expect that Hawaii likely assigned birth certificate numbers in chronological sequence, right?

What I mean is this...if there is a birth on August 4, 1961 at 7:24pm, and the certificate # is 61 10641 (Obama's), wouldn't you expect the very next birth at, say, 7:25 pm, to be certificate # 61 10642?

Keep that in mind while you view this pic claiming to be the Certificate of Live Birth of Susan Nordyke:

This Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth, which I found here, is dated the day after Obama's (August 5 vs August 4), but doesn't have a certificate # after Obama's!

Its certificate # is before Obama's!  (61 10637 vs 61 10641).

Isn't that strange?

Is it possible that this is proof that Obama's release is a forgery?  

Is it possible that Obama was aware of the sequencing issue but was unable to forge a birth certificate with a certificate # previous to 61 10641?

Is it possible that Obama was unable to forge such a document because the sequence of numbers in reasonable relation prior to his own 61 10641 were unavailable for forgery?

Is it possible that the sequences of number you might've expected Obama's certificate to display (numbers such as 61 10610 to 61 10640) refer to birth certificates of people who are still alive?  (Therefore, if Obama was to forge a document using one of those certificate numbers, he risked one of those people coming forward with their own certificate and exposing his forgery)!

Is it possible that Obama chose to forge a certificate # from a certificate of someone who is now dead, someone with no spouses? (61 10637?). 

If that's the case, I would think that it's unlikely that a family member would ever expose Obama's forgery because they would be unlikely (or even unable) to request the birth certificate of the dead person.  And Hawaii state records may show that such certificate was never issued (or hasn't been issued in a long time), reducing the chances that someone could ever come forward to expose obama.

This issue NEEDS to be investigated further!

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