It nags at me when a company tries to promote itself by highlighting the number of years it has been in business, making comments like "leveraging 75 years worth of experience".

What an absurd statement!  I mean, many of their employees were around for 75 years, or even half of that period? If they haven't been around and exposed to the 75 years of company existence, how are they supposed to leverage it?

If one is going to use that type of logic in self promotion, why not just say "We hire humans...leveraging 10,000 years of human experience"?

This is not to say that none of the company's operating knowledge has accumulated over the years, but I doubt enough of it has accumulated, or remained unchanged, to warrant the implications of necessarily promoting a lengthy company history.

However, not everyone thinks like me.  If enough people are impressed by a company's lengthy operating history, I suppose it's worth it for a company to use that to its advantage.

10/25/2010 05:27:05 am

One author once pointed out the difference between having 20 years experience and having one year's experience repeated 20 times.

Not Unique Name
11/1/2010 07:38:31 am

I guess the company uses that to show that it has survived that long, which could lead to jumps in consumers' minds that go, "They've been around for such-and-such years. They must be doing something right."

11/11/2010 03:29:48 pm

Not Unique makes a point, I would also add that it gives a feel to some people of Americanism. You always hear the expression, "They don't make them like this anymore" I think it also plays on that emotion (if you can call it that). Regardless, its all just marketing BS. If anyone truthfully believes a company cares about you rather than how much money they get from you, your very naive. Even most of the charity money companies give away is partly for public appeal. Very few companies actually have intentions other than making money. One example of a person not focused on their own well being is Bill Gates. His family budgets on a few hundred thousand a year and gives a majority of their money away to charity. I am not saying everyone should do this. I fully believe in a persons right to make all the money they want. I am just pointing out the fact that most of the "good deeds" done by companies are just a way to get you to buy product.

11/11/2010 03:30:18 pm

It actually makes a lot of since. I have watched people who have logged for 10 years and other who have done it for 50 years. While the person with less experience is much stronger and able the person with more experience always get done faster, with less work output. So yes experience has a lot to do with it.

That's not to say that just because you d have so much experience you are good at it but it can mean that.

Your blog post shows that you have intelligence yet very little experience. If you dont come down off your pedestal life may become difficult for you!

2/17/2011 05:15:37 pm

wisdom in the mind is better than money in the hand.

2/23/2011 10:39:57 am

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