After 9/11 and Bush's 90% approval rating, who would have thought that:

Officers would testify in front of the Senate that one of the 9/11 Hijackers, Atta, had been under surveillance during the year 2000, as part of a data mining project named Able Danger,

By 2008 large percentages of Americans polled believe that the government was aware of the 9/11 plot and allowed it to occur, and perhaps even aided it,

By the end of his second term Bush's popularity rating would have plunged from approximately the highest in American history to one of the lowest in American history.

Who would have thunk it?

10/21/2010 05:15:08 pm

I'll admit it, I am still a Bush fan. I like the way he stood up the foreign countries; the way he handled the war; and I liked the way he spoke! He seemed real not like the slick oil that we have now who has no substance in his talks AT us. Clinton was the same way. I always felt if he could cheat on his wife, then who were we? I know that's not suppose to matter, the personal stuff, but it does tell something about a persons character. I didn't start out a republican or democrat, I always foted choice.

10/21/2010 05:29:57 pm

Even though I'm not a Bush fan now, I think it's fair to say that I was a Bush fan during the earlier part of his presidency, up until at least 2004.

11/2/2010 06:20:53 am

No one should pretend they are impartial and print a list of complaints against Obama while dismissing Bush's crash in approval with the fluff "Who would have thunk it".

Truly smart people saw that Bush (and his speech writers) did the same things that almost any other politician would have done in 9/11, except, of course, for reading "The Pet Goat" while hundreds were dying in our streets.

11/2/2010 02:10:35 pm


I wrote "Who would have thunk it" about Obama, too.

Also, one SHOULDN'T be impartial between Obama and Bush if one feels one is worse than the other.

I never claimed that Bush didn't react to 9/11 in many smart ways.

However, his attempt to avoid having a commission look into the causes of 9/11 was a disgrace.

11/8/2010 12:10:24 pm

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